About Rescate

Rescate of San Carlos

Rescate owns three ambulances and has a new purpose-built infirmary which includes four well equipped emergency first-aid treatment rooms. We are an urgent / emergency care facility and not a medical clinic. A doctor is always on call for a fee or patients can be directed to a physician of their choice. Emergencies beyond the abilities of Rescate are normally transported immediately to a hospital in Guaymas.

Now in its fourth decade of operation, Rescate first opened in 1980 in a single donated room with two volunteers using a converted personal van for an ambulance. Rescate is a Mexican nonprofit corporation, governed by an elected Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers and residents of San Carlos. Rescate is entirely self-supporting and is funded through memberships, donations and the fundraising activities of the Rescate auxiliary. Rescate is also recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS and all contributions are fully deductible in the United States.

Rescate's Humble Beginnings

Can you imagine San Carlos without a Rescate ambulance?  What would you do if you or a friend suffered a serious injury, stroke or a life threatening allergic reaction and Rescate was not here for you?  Back in 1978 Rescate didn’t exist.

Rescate Today

Rescate de San Carlos has grown considerably since the humble beginnings we described above.  Today it is a formal organization which operates with oversight from a community based volunteer Board of Directors.  A 501(c)(3) organization has also been created in Arizona to allow US residents to make tax-exempt donations to support Rescate services.

Meet the Rescate Board of Directors

The Rescate Board of Directors is comprised of full and part time residents of San Carlos. Each board member is a volunteer and brings unique strength and talent to the table.  Many have backgrounds in the medical field and others have strong business backgrounds.  Together, the harmonious board is talented, focused and motivated and has made great strides in creating a solid business foundation in support of the Rescate operation.  To meet the current board members, click "Read More" below.


The operation of Rescate is only possible with the infusion of public donations. There are four ways in which Rescate obtains the necessary funding. These are: public donations, sales of Gold Card memberships, Rescate Auxiliary fundraisers and endowments.

CASH DONATIONS. Friends of Rescate are invited to make tax deductible (in the USA) cash contributions to Rescate through Rescate Services Inc. Rescate Services Inc. is an IRS recognized tax exempt non-profit organization established in the United States in support of Rescate de San Carlos. Many donations have been received over the years from users of our services as well as residents and visitors. The continued effectiveness of Rescate is largely dependent on the generosity of special benefactors.

PROPERTY DONATIONS. Donations of clothing, furniture and household items in reasonable condition can be a great benefit in supporting Rescate. Your donations are made available to the public through the Rescate Treasures Thrift Store. Items can be brought to the thrift store during operating hours or to the infirmary main entrance. Volunteers or EMTs will assist in taking your items. Rescate Treasures is open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and is located in our old building on the infirmary premises.There are many ways to help Rescate continue its mission of providing urgent and emergency health care to the community. Thanks for helping!