Meet the Rescate Board of Directors

The Rescate Board is comprised of full and part time residents of San Carlos. Each board member is a volunteer and brings unique strength and talent to the table.  Many have backgrounds in the medical field and others have strong business backgrounds.  Together, the harmonious board is talented, focused and motivated and has made great strides in creating a solid business foundation in support of the Rescate operation.  Our current board members are:

President:  Dr. Glenn Lippman, MD 

Glenn is a full-time resident of San Carlos and a practicing telemedicine physician in the US public sector.  As the board president, Glenn is actively involved in all aspects of Rescate including planning, the business model and operations.

Vice President:  Dr. Michael Laux, MD

“Dr. Mike” is a long time local resident and physician with special interests in preventative medicine and nutrition.  He is also the owner of MDS Lab & Imaging.  He is one of three medical advisors to Rescate (Drs. Lippman, Laux, and Canale) and oversees the Rescate operations.

Secretary:  Kathy Rodgers

In addition to her work on the Rescate board, Kathy is very involved in working with the Catholic Church.  She also works on the neighborhood committee that reports to the San Carlos Comisario has served as the Commodore of the Yacht Club.

Treasurer:  Maria Luisa Ibarra

Luisa was born and raised in Guaymas.  Along with her substantial contribution to Rescate in the role of treasurer, Luisa is a local realtor and property manager.

Members at Large (alphabetically):

Pam Barnard has been a business owner in the US for over 30 years.  She is the President of the Rescate auxiliary as well as a member of the Board of Directors.  Among many other things, Pam coordinates Gold Card memberships and organizes the increasingly popular margarita party every year.

Diane Barroll has served on the Rescate board for 19 years and was the treasurer for many years.  Diane and her husband, Tom Barroll, are the owners of RE/MAX First Choice Realty and First Choice Property Management in San Carlos.

Jim Bowlin has worked in the medical field for 60 years.  He is a US nationally boarded radiology technician and an EMT.  He has assisted with training Rescate staff for 15 years and has been involved with the acquisition and maintenance of the ambulances.

Micheila Cameron was the Provincial Director for Community Corrections and Corporate Services in British Columbia.  She now works with her husband, Bill Crysler, (below) on hospital accreditation in Mexico.  Her primary role on the board is communications.

Bill Crysler is a retired hospital / health care CEO.  He currently works with a Canadian hospital accreditation council and travels throughout Mexico surveying private hospitals for accreditation.  His primary role on the Rescate board is public relations.

Melissa Nicoletti, the Rescate Auxiliary President, spent 24 years working for the Colorado Bar Association as the director of Sections and Committees. In that capacity she worked with thousands of volunteers and fundraising activities.  She and her husband Rick are full time residents of San Carlos.

Beverly Smith has lived in San Carlos since March 2015 and has been involved with Rescate as a volunteer and gold card member since her first month here.  Her background includes, among other things, massage therapy, hypnotherapy/counseling, publishing, editing and graphic design.

Debbie Storm is also a member of the auxiliary board and acts as treasurer of the Rescate Arizona 501(c)(3) organization.  She was president of the auxiliary board for two years and is active with the Rescate Treasures Thrift store.  Debbie is a local realtor at RE/MAX.