Rescate of San Carlos

Emergency medical services for San Carlos residents and visitors


It's Jellyfish Season in San Carlos!

There has been a fair amount of discussion on social media in San Carlos recently (May / June, 2022) about the appearance of jellyfish (most often bluebottle jellyfish) on our beaches and in the water. There have been several sightings this year, so caution is advised when swimming and enjoying our beautiful beaches.  For first aid tips on jellyfish stings please click on the link below.


About Rescate

Rescate provides rescue, emergency first aid and ambulance services to San Carlos residents and visitors. The EMTs and first responders are available 24/7 and are professionally trained in basic and advanced life support, CPR, first aid, and special rescue and transportation techniques.


Ambulance rides in the USA can be wildly expensive due to the high cost of salaries, training, equipment and the need to have a minimum of two staff available to respond to every call. Your Rescate membership includes ambulance transport to Guaymas and even to Hermosillo!

In an Emergency call (622) 226-0911

From a U.S. or Canada cell phone dial +52 (622) 226-0911

Rescate CANNOT be be reached at 911