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For 40 years Rescate has been serving San Carlos residents and visitors. In 1978 the first Rescate medical transport happened when a retired firefighter/EMT from California took a San Carlos resident to a hospital in Guaymas. Through his vision, and with the help of hard working volunteers, Rescate was born and has grown into the vital organization it is today.

Without Rescate, San Carlos residents and visitors would have to rely on the Red Cross in Guaymas.  Emergency treatment or rescue would be delayed by the travel time from Guaymas to San Carlos.  Obviously this would impact favorable outcomes and possibly lead to more significant injury or damage, or even death.

Rescate receives NO government funding. It exists solely through donations, income generated at the Rescate thrift store, fundraising events, and memberships. You can help Rescate continue its crucial role in San Carlos by buying a Gold Card Membership today.

Gold Card membership is available at three different levels, all of which are tax deductible in the United States. Gold Card memberships cover the purchasing member, immediate family, and non-resident houseguests of the member. You do not need to be a San Carlos resident to buy a membership.

14 Kt. membership ($175 USD) supports Rescate and helps to keep it in your community.  It also provides medical assistance at our clinic or anywhere in San Carlos and ambulance transport to a Guaymas hospital if needed.

18 Kt. membership ($200 single, $300 family) does the same.  Additionally, members at this level are entitled to:

  • Physician ordered emergency transportation to other hospitals, such as CIMA in Hermosillo.
  • Free admission to the annual Welcome Back Margarita Party and Theatrical Event.

24 Kt. membership ($600) includes the above and two free entrance passes to the President’s Cup Golf Tournament or equivalent

While Gold Card Memberships have personal benefits to the members, the most important role of membership is to support Rescate and keep it in San Carlos. Your participation in the Gold Card program supports the ongoing operation of Rescate as well as the acquisition of additional equipment, personnel and training that will help us continue to meet your emergency needs

You can obtain Gold Card Memberships online using PayPal by clicking on the button below. Gold cards purchased through PayPal can be picked up at the ReMax office in San Carlos. You may also purchase your membership by check, cash, Visa or MasterCard at the Rescate infirmary Monday through Friday or by contacting


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