Rescate Still Needs Your Help

To the Friends and Supporters of Rescate de San Carlos:

We have had a wonderful response to our recent letter about the financial needs of Rescate de San Carlos.  Because of the number of people who renewed their Gold Cards and those of you who made additional (and generous) contributions, we now have approximately 25% of our annual costs covered.  Thank you!

However, the question of how to cover the other 75% of this year’s expenses remains unanswered.  We have just been notified that the major summer fishing tournaments that we count on have been cancelled due to COVID.  We have had to cancel the annual Melodrama, President’s Golf Tournament and Spring Bazaar for the same reason.  This lack of ability to fundraise means that we are counting on donations and Gold Card Membership purchases to keep the ambulance and infirmary services open.  It is not legal for us to charge for our services.  As we discussed before, it costs approximately $9,000 pesos a day to pay all expenses and other than a donation from CEA (which has been reduced due to changes in the number of households in town), we are 100% dependent on the kindness of our supporters.

We realize that the pandemic has kept many of you from coming down to San Carlos this winter, but there is always next year.  Without more assistance now, we remain very concerned about how we will meet your needs when you are finally able to “come back down”.

If you have already donated or purchased a Gold Card, many thanks for your kindness.  If not, we hope that you can take a moment to donate or purchase a Gold Card Membership through PayPal on our website at  Contributions can also be made in person at the Rescate infirmary or the RE/MAX office.  US checks, payable to Rescate Services, Inc. (and tax deductible in the US) can be mailed to:

Rescate Services, Inc.
c/o Debbie Storm
3661 N Campbell #715
Tucson AZ  85719

Please feel free to contact any of the Rescate Board members if you have any questions or suggestions about our current situation.

Thank you,

Glenn Lippman, President, Rescate de San Carlos AC