Happy Ending

Another Rescate Story with a Happy Ending

While we all hope that we’ll never need to call upon Rescate and the local health care system we also want that system to be readily available, skilled and compassionate should we ever need it. Full time San Carlos residents Bill and Sue recently had a frightening, yet oddly reassuring, experience that convinced them that our local medical care is all of that and more.

“John” and his wife arrived in San Carlos to visit Bill and Sue directly from a holiday in Savannah, Georgia. Shortly after their arrival, John experienced labored breathing and lack of energy, both of which quickly became much more severe. After a couple of days John was so weak he had difficulty even getting out of bed so Bill and Sue insisted on taking him to Rescate to be examined by the paramedics.

Upon arrival at Rescate, they left John in the car while they went inside to seek help. Two EMTs immediately grabbed a gurney to retrieve John from the vehicle and bring him safely into the infirmary. Once inside they checked his vital signs but the results were so faint they couldn’t get good readings. Recognizing that this was a serious situation, they quickly called the doctor on call.

Dr. Canale, a founding member and staunch supporter of Rescate, dropped what he was doing and arrived at the Rescate building within 10 minutes. With the aid of a stethoscope, he listened to John’s breathing for 15 or 20 seconds before saying “get an ambulance, he needs to go to the hospital!” Then he added that John was suffering from congestive heart failure and needed to be hospitalized immediately.

The Rescate ambulance transported John to the Catholic Hospital in Guaymas where he was immediately admitted, hooked up to an IV for hydration and given an inhaler to ease his labored breathing. After two days of treatment John’s condition had stabilized sufficiently for him to be discharged and, as recommended by Dr. Canale, he returned home to the United States to continue his medical treatment under his own physician and medical insurance. Today, after just a few weeks, he is feeling much stronger.

An interesting footnote to this story: while in Georgia prior to flying to Mexico John suffered similar symptoms. He attended an urgent care center where he was diagnosed with allergies, given allergy medications, and sent home. While a misdiagnosis can happen anywhere, the care provided to John by the Rescate EMTs, Dr. Canale and the Guaymas hospital proved to be far superior to the care provided in Georgia. John’s story is a tribute to the skill, responsiveness and compassion of our local care providers!

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