Semana Santa 2018

Semana Santa 2018

With help from Rescate, San Carlos survived another Semana Santa! During the week, Rescate staff responded to 120 emergencies ranging from a heat stroke victim 1.5 kilometers deep in Nacapule Canyon to a dog – yes, a dog – that had been severely injured by a javelina.

During Semana Santa 2018 Rescate staff treated many injuries resulting from fights, which included broken bones and lacerations caused by broken beer bottles. There were also a large number of abdominal pain complaints this year, several of which required transportation to hospitals in Guaymas. As might be expected, there were many cases of alcohol overindulgence, the most serious of which was a teenager who passed out and required intravenous rehydration. Sadly, Rescate staff also attended and managed two fatalities – one, a drowning and the other a single vehicle accident.

On a happier note, the dog injured by a javelina survived and was connected with a veterinarian in Guaymas. Because the San Carlos vets were closed, the worried pet owner brought the badly injured animal to Rescate. Always keen to help the community in any way possible, staff disinfected and bandaged the dog’s wounds (outdoors, not inside the clinic!) and found, and connected the owner with, a vet in Guaymas to take over.

One of the most challenging and time consuming rescues involved the patient who suffered heat stroke well into a hike in Nacapule Canyon. The patient was too weak and exhausted to hike out, so Rescate staff hiked in, carrying their medical gear, for about 1.5 kilometers. When they found the patient, they treated her on site, using cold packs to bring her body temperature down and administering hydration through an IV as well as giving her water to drink. Once the patient was stable, EMTs assisted her back out of the canyon.

As the weather warms up in San Carlos, Rescate would like to remind hikers to dress appropriately, including wearing a hat, and to carry and consume lots of water. Avoid the heat of the day and pace yourself, resting in shade when possible. People with medical conditions such as hypertension should be extra careful, and avoid challenging hikes such as Tetakawi, which has quite recently claimed at least two lives.

During the week of Semana Santa, Rescate treated 95 people at the infirmary and ambulances responded to 25 calls, about 68% of which occurred between Friday and Sunday. Donations made during the week totaled $10,186 pesos. That amounts to an average of $84.88 pesos, or $4.64 USD, per patient!

Rescate receives no government funding and operates entirely on donations and fundraising efforts. Please consider supporting your Rescate through a Gold Card membership or a donation.