A Wonderful Testimonial for Our Staff!

The Rescate Board of directors recently received, and greatly appreciates, the following letter.  For privacy reasons, we are not using the names of the patient and her husband, although we wish them both well.  Rescate can, however, publicly praise, thank and congratulate our staff members Julia and Juan Antonio!  Thanks also to Dr. Canale for his quick response and very effective medical interventions.



“Thank you Rescate.

On May 11th, I returned home to find my wife on the floor unable to get up. I assumed she had suffered a stroke and called Rescate. The ambulance arrived quickly with two paramedics – one female and one male. They determined that it was a stroke and the one girl who spoke good English talked to my wife and kept her calm, explaining what was happening and what they were doing, making sure she was comfortable. They then took her to the Rescate center and called her doctor immediately and followed his instructions. Thankfully between Rescate and Dr. Canale, my wife is doing amazingly well. We did not have a Rescate membership at the time, but I have since purchased one. We won’t be without one again, as you never know. We are so thankful to have this service in our town. I did not get the names of the paramedics, but I’m sure you can figure that out and pass on our thanks.”

While we all hope that we’ll never need to call upon Rescate and the local health care system we also want that system to be readily available, skilled and compassionate should we ever need it.

Rescate receives no government funding and operates entirely on donations and fundraising efforts.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have not been able to hold any fundraisers for over a year and a half.  We are working hard to keep our doors open and appreciate any help we can get.  Whether you’re currently in San Carlos or not, please consider supporting Rescate through a Gold Card membership or a donation, either through our website or in person at our infirmary.  For more information on Rescate, visit www.rescatesc.com.