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Rescate's 19th Theatrical Event

Rescate's 19th Theatrical Event - 2018
March 18th-22nd 7:00pm at Rescate Stage
Directed by Darryl Kuntz
Contact 226-2190

Extraordinary Assembly and Annual General Assembly

We need to have as many members (Gold Card Members) attend the meeting as possible to attend so that we have a quorum.

Date of the Extraordinary Assembly: Thursday, January 18th at 2:00 p.m.
Location: San Carlos Yacht Club

For those unable to attend they are requested to sign a Proxy to have another member represent them at the meeting. Anyone not able to attend must designate a Rescate gold card member in good standing. Completed proxies may delivered to any Rescate Board Member or delivered to the RE/MAX office.

Original signature will be required on the proxy. Spanish language is preferred.

Link to Proxy here

Rescate Coordinates a Dramatic Mountain Rescue

When a person walked into the Rescate building on a quiet March morning and reported that a climber had fallen and sustained injuries Jessy Guerrero, Comandante of the Rescate de San Carlos, knew that he had a big challenge and a long day ahead of him. The injured climber had fallen 10 to 12 feet, hit his head, lost consciousness, was unable to walk and was experiencing hip pain. The injured man was a very experienced climber and was with three equally accomplished climbers, but he was high up on a mountain and the average age of the climbers was 70 years old.

Fully aware of the complexity of the task ahead of him, Jessy knew that he and the Rescate team would need specialized assistance and supplies before heading into the canyon for the trip up the mountain. Within approximately half an hour, he had called in the San Carlos police and the Guaymas fire department's specialized mountain rescue team and had, with the assistance of the Rescate EMTs, gathered food, water, ropes, pulleys, a rescue basket to carry the patient and other necessary supplies. Once all the preparations were complete, Jessy and the Rescate ambulance driver, Felizardo Miranda Valencia, set off in an ambulance accompanied by a police four-wheel-drive vehicle, a fire department all-terrain vehicle and a large team of rescuers.

Once they reached the canyon, the rescuers had to abandon the ambulance and carried on as far as possible with the other two vehicles to a point where one of the climbers, who had come back down the mountain, met them to guide them up. Six people stayed at the trail head with the injured man's wife, and eight first responders, guided by the climber, headed up the mountain. The final portion of the climb to the patient was too difficult and dangerous for most people, so only the two trained mountain rescuers carried on with the rescue basket to the injured man and his friends. Once they arrived at the patient, they relayed medical information to Jessy, who gave them the okay to bring the man back to the spot where he and the other first responders were waiting. Jessy determined that the patient was in medical shock and needed to be stabilized and returned to San Carlos as soon as possible. Once he was stable enough to move, he was carried down the mountain by his friends, where Jessy loaded him into the police four-wheel-drive vehicle and headed directly to the Rescate treatment center. Dr. José Canale, who was on call that day, met them at the center when they arrived sometime after 6 pm. After a thorough examination Dr. Canale determined that there were no serious injuries and allowed the patient to go home - a happy ending to an eleven hour adventure.

When Jessy tells this story, he tells it as a tale of remarkable coordination, cooperation and heroism. Downplaying his own role as coordinator, translator and EMT, he applauds everyone involved in the rescue for the part they played, including the injured climber's friends who were such an enormous help and the patient's wife for her role in relaying messages via telephone where service was spotty.

San Carlos residents and visitors are incredibly fortunate to have such exceptional rescue and medical services available. Please remember to show your support and appreciation whenever and however you can!

Rescate Saves a Little Boy

A five-year-old boy from Obregon is alive today thanks to a dramatic rescue by Rescate at the San Carlos Plaza hotel. Jessy Guerrero, Comandante of Rescate de San Carlos, received a phone call one summer morning from an employee at the San Carlos Plaza Hotel reporting that a child was drowning in their swimming pool. The employee was very shaken and could not provide any further details, so Jessy immediately jumped in an ambulance and drove as quickly as possible to the scene. Upon arrival he grabbed a medical bag and ran through the hotel lobby to the pool area, leaving the gurney and other details to his colleagues.

When he emerged into the pool area, he encountered about 200 people – all of the hotel staff and guests – watching, crying and praying over a man administering CPR to a young boy. When the man confirmed that he had done CPR but had not administered any breaths, Jessy grabbed an “ambu bag” (a hand-held device that seals around the patient’s nose and mouth and provides air to patients who are not breathing) and provided several breaths to the child. After approximately 20 seconds of treatment with the ambu bag the child, to the extreme relief of everyone there, started coughing and then crying.

Although Jessy was also elated that the child had regained consciousness and started to breathe, he continued to be concerned about his medical situation, as the crying was escalating and the child had not expelled any water, which can indicate a continued risk. The Rescate staff put the boy on the gurney and hurried him to the ambulance where Jessy performed further evaluation. One of the neurological tests involved squeezing the boy’s feet to see if he could feel it, and Jessy was thrilled when the boy kicked him and yelled at him to stop squeezing his feet – not only did he have feeling in his legs, but he was fully conscious and aware. Further good news followed when Jessy found the boy’s oxygen level to be much higher than expected. Given that the patient was stable enough to transport, Jessy took him directly to a doctor’s office for further evaluation and treatment.

Later that day the boy’s mother came to the Rescate office to thank Jessy, “the angel who had saved her boy” after three minutes under water and ten minutes of CPR. While Jessy credits the bystander who applied CPR and team work for saving the child, he is also thrilled to have been successful in saving the boy’s life. He states that days like this make it all worthwhile: “This why we are here, we exist to save lives, can you imagine San Carlos without Rescate?”

The little boy from Obregon would not have survived the wait for a Red Cross ambulance from Guaymas. He owes his life to Rescate de San Carlos and those who support it.

An Amazing Rescate Gold Card Story

On a recent Sunday morning a San Carlos resident suffered a broken hip and was taken by Rescate ambulance to a hospital in Guaymas. If this had happened in Canada or the United States - or even in San Carlos – the ambulance portion of the story would end here.

This particular patient, while medically unlucky, was very fortunate to be a Rescate Gold Card Member so his story does not end here. The patient’s doctor in San Carlos learned that the patient wanted to be airlifted home to the United States and, because the patient is a Gold Card Member, the doctor called Jessy Guerrero, Comandante of Rescate de San Carlos, at home (this was a Sunday morning, remember) and asked him to assist. Jessy went to the hospital and assisted the man with phone calls to his relative in the United States as well as communications with his insurance company regarding arrangements for the air transport.

Early Monday morning Jessy received a phone call at home from the medivac company indicating that their jet would be landing in Guaymas at 10 am and asking for Jessy’s assistance. Jessy went back to the hospital and assisted the patient with communications and with settling the hospital bill. He and a colleague then transported the injured man to the Guaymas airport by ambulance and ensured that he was safely transferred to the airplane.

The benefits of Rescate Gold Card Membership are not always obvious until we need help. This story illustrates the caring and professional service that accompanies your Membership.



Judy Peek and her husband Chuck have been residents of San Carlos for 18 years. During that time, many of us have known Judy as either The President or Vice President of the Rescate Auxillary.

In December, Judy and Chuck were the ones calling for Rescate's services. Chuck had to go to CIMA Hospital in Hermosillo for a severe leg infection. When Chuck came home a few days later, Rescate met them at their home to help Judy get him inside and settled.

Unfortunately, 10 hours later, Chuck's condition worsened. Rescate arranged for a private ambulance to take him, his doctor and an EMT to Tucson. Judy says, "This saved Chuck's leg!".

Ten days later, Chuck was released from the hospital and greeted at his doorstep by Rescate, who again helped him get inside and comfortable.

Chuck is on the road to recovery now, and both want everyone to know about the great care they received.

Rescate was there for another one of our neighbors, Patricia Bradley! It was about 1:00 a.m. when Patricia was completing some work at her computer. A huge pain shot through her neck to her head. "Help, I'm having a stroke," she thought. The pain was severe, but she waited a few minutes to try to calm herself. She finally took an aspirin. The pain was overwhelming. She and her husband, Steve, decided to call Rescate. Within 15 minutes Rescate was at their home. The technicians checked all her vitals, called the doctor, reviewed her symptoms with the doctor, and treated her according to the doctor's instructions. The good news: it was not a stroke! She was given pain medication so that she could sleep through the night. The doctor met with her the next morning and confirmed that it was a pinched nerve in her neck.

Had Rescate not been available in San Carlos, Steve would have had to drive her to Guaymas for help, and they were uncertain where the hospital was. They had a doctor in Hermosillo and contemplated driving there that night, but think about the worry and pain she would endure during that hour and a half drive!!! Thank you Rescate!!

Patricia tells me that this was not the first time this year that Rescate helped her family. Just weeks before, her son-in-law's mother, who was visiting for the first time from Trinidad, took a bad fall. Rescate came within 15 minutes again, checked her out for multiple injuries, bandaged her up, and assured her there were no major problems. The mother-in-law was extremely grateful for the courteous care she received from the emergency technicians. Thanks again, Rescate!

Your local ambulance service, Rescate, helped another neighbor in need last year. Carolyn Skinner woke up late at night and noticed her husband had gotten up. She found him in the family room almost doubled over in pain. She called the doctor who told her to call Rescate.

Within 10 minutes the EMT and ambulance were at their door. Carolyn says they very politely and professionally examined Boon and reported his condition to the doctor. Boon was given pain medication for the remainder of the evening, and visited the doctor the next morning. The doctor diagnosed gall bladder problems, and surgery was scheduled at CIMA Hospital in Hermosillo for the following day.

The San Carlos doctor alerted both Boon and Rescate that pain might reoccur during the night. Again, Carolyn woke up in the middle of the night and found Boon in the family room nearly doubled over due to pain. She called Rescate, who came immediately and administered sufficient meds to keep him comfortable for the remainder of the night. The next morning the ambulance arrived at 6 a.m. and transported them to CIMA. Looking back on it now, Carolyn says "I don't know what we would have done without them!"

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